Tuesday, January 22

Mr. Hofer, I will leave my blog settings as is, or else make all my friends moderators - what a party!!!

Insanity weaves rampant, and psychopaths are of abundance. But you Helmuth Hofer top the list. You can be proud of it ... if you wish.
For your information, I leave the posting options open - for now. I truly believe in equal opportunities, which is not to be confused with "freedom" or "democracy".
If this doesn't work, I will make all my regular and somewhat irregular posters admin and close the blog to public domain. They can post and see --- you will not see anything, because inaccessible!
Your choice "bud".
In the mean time I would like to inform you that there is no chance for you to enter the USA again. You are not anymore below the "radar screen", your passport and name is tagged, The FBI got back to me on that one despite their endless bureaucracy.
Have a splendid day - be courageous and fight the real enemy - - - for a change!


susan said...

Hi Lukas,
I don't know who that strange person was but I'm glad you took action. Hateful, vituperative comments are an unfortunate phenomenon in the blogosphere but ,thankfully, easily deleted. I hope you don't find it necessary to privatize your blog since open, free and welcome seems more your style.. mine too.
Be well

Zee said...

I fight to my last fiber to allow free speech Susan. My page will never become an incestuous serving mirror of endless pitiful overindulgent self- reflections. No worries there.

Cynnie said...

aww..true zee..
thats what my blog is for! : )

Ingrid said...

who knows what goes on in his life, he seems to pop in and out .. (visited me too around this time)..is he bipolar or something?
It's to the point that, when he pops up again it's like, hey, i was wondering where you were! lol Auf Wieder Schau... (and off hel'll go I'm sure)

I've been pretty inactive on my blog and the tables have turned, you're pretty active and interesting posts these days.. that while doing such physical hard work..good for you Zeester..