Wednesday, January 30

the most beautiful present, and a new haiku contest!!!

On that division knee wall in my studio, there is now a pinned up picture send by Gary. It is a native imagery of sorts, pretty awesome! And he included a handmade chocolate bar from Nelson as well, and I have to use restrain to not gobble it all up by myself. I would like to share a bite or two, it is delicious beyond means, to the point that you feel guilty for not sharing. All these wonderful treats just for winning a previous HAIKU contest!
So I thought to myself, perhaps I should do something similar as well and grant the winner a surprise price. So all you people who would like to participate, go just right ahead. The winner will be selected by random drawing from a basket containing the ten best of the haiku bunch .

The rules are simple:
1. Three lines only
2. Five, next one 7, and last line five syllables
3. I will make up some first lines (see below)and you only have to pick one and make up the rest. Easy!

The first lines to choose from are:
"forget not my aim"
"pain is in my soul"
"you go too far now"
"today I miss you"
"I will only say"
"we will end the fight"
"each morning we rise"
"a flower greets us"
"death is not a shame"
"tomorrow is hope"

Additional rules: You will have to incorporate one of these first lines in order to win a price, but you are welcome to compose them into the third line of your haiku as well ... Contest concludes when I feel like it. No bribes or mental tantrums accepted. All taxes and shipping costs for sending the price to the recipient will be covered by government funds, or other sources of dubious origin.


Zee said...


forget not my aim
it is buried in my heart,
door is still open.

susan said...

Strangely enough, my reaction to winning Gary's haiku contest was to do a contest of my own - but not a haiku one.

I don't need to win anything but I enjoy challenges so will try later.

The chocolate was very good :-)

Zee said...

The chocolate was close to Swiss standards - perhaps even closer.
When I left my teens and twenties, my crave for chocolate diminished - but this one from Gary was addictive, basically turned me around.

Cym the Mystic Poet said...

forget not my aim
to walk where wolves fear to tread
with peace in my heart.

forget not my aim
to transform that which is dead
into the living.

forget not my aim
to courageously vanquish
all hatred and fear.

Dr. Nazli said...

alright - here goes - a "less than a minute" effort for my very first haiku - for I fear an hour's effort would be just as pondersome

"forget not my aim
dare you ponder on the gain
of not caring less"

Zee ya!

laila said...

iwont have time till tomorrow! wait for me please, i'm good :)

laila said...

ah what the heck!

here's one:

pain is in my soul
and as i turn the pages
i still see your smile

(ps. the best haiku i've read are the spontaneous ones as your friend- dr nazli- said!)

Cym the Mystic Poet said...
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Seraphine said...

forget not my aim
i tried to throw through you once
stay out of my way

Jim said...
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Jim said...

death is not a shame
only a flicker of flame
in life's endless game

Gary said...

each morning we rise
with heat, moisture and your hands
we cinnamon buns

forget not my aim
the heart is distant and rare
the dart is subtle

You're welcome for the chocolate and Mexican print. This is fun.

Zee said...

ha, you think you are
full of genius that shines
behold it as truth

Very good entries so far. But I'll rest my weary head for now and come back to the haiku's over the weekend.
Be well.

Dr. Nazli said...

Hey Zee, I just saw your comment about anonymous being "Helmuth Hofer" from Vienna - a 60 year old lost man living off his old aunt's retirement. I am so glad to have seen the explanation because certainly much of the world would not agree with the acerbic hatred he spews.

Here's to the world.

Zee ya!

lindsaylobe said...

Tomorrow is hope
Sunrise brings us our warm rays
An endless life cycle

Best wishes

susan said...

Okay, had time to think about it so here goes nothing:

forget not my aim
my finger on the trigger
pain is in my sole
you go too far now
but not far enuf to say
today i miss you
i will only say
once the jello's cleaned up
we will end the fight
each morning we rise
with the blankets all tented
a flower greets us
death is not a shame
with nothing left to live for
tomorrow is hope.

Jim said...

a flower greets us
naked, wanton, and smiling
with sensual grace

Zee said...

I like the first spontaneous one the best.

Dr. N
brilliant one minute haiku

we got to cure your melancholy, but oh so sweet...

you are not angry, are you?

... "the heart is distant and rare" ?
We know that. Where do you hide yours?

you are bringing hope from down under.

very clever and smooth as usual

I had to look up "wanton" in this context to not confuse it with a Japanese dish. Both are sublime.
Checked out your blog by the way, pretty amazing!

Zee said...

as much as I am a puritanism bachelor, I still concede to that some select people need medication, Hofer is one of them.

Inimitable Lee said...

Alright, alright. First of all, I want to be assured that the receptacle from which the winning entry will be collected from has been actually sterilized. And tongs, fingers.
That being the case, I submit to you my sublime friend:

A flower greets us
Such haughty apparition
As though Hope pervades

And maybe, zee, just maybe...there may yet be truth to such a hokey notion after all.

Zee said...

Truth lies deep down under sheet-rock, taped, sanded and all.
Unfortunately after poking a hole the common human being only finds insulation, yet an other layer of un-truth.
Only very seldom does one find more.
That's the truth Lee!

Jim said...

tomorrow is hope
today is reality
yesterday is gone

Anonymous said...

each morning we rise
and, looking to the high hills,
imagine new skies.

a flower greets us
there, on the sweet other side
each petal singing.