Saturday, January 26

Remember the love shack?

Yes, the addition we build right now is not grand. But we have actually fun, and it also pays our bills. What more can you ask for in this season of recession and gloom? Actually, the addition will serve as an entrance to a doctors office. Interior pictures are lacking now, only today we put insulation into the ceiling. Gruesomely boring and itchy.
But there will be some fine organic sculptural details in the end on hand, believe it or not. I will take some final pictures then.
In the mean time, I ponder if I should put up a poll about the diverse candidates running, yes running for the presidency of the US, with all their precious attributes attached to that questionnaire. I don't know if it is worth the effort. But maybe it is. I am startled myself whom to vote for.
Should it be the colored guy, the dry lady, the wounded aging veteran, the preacher of all preachers, the mayor who did little but nevertheless got all the credits and praise for it?
The slate of candidates are boring at best, and some are useless. What are you gonna do? Stamp your foot on the ground and go eeni-meeni-minee-mo???
Well, we'll find out on "Super-Tuesday" what the US is all about. That's just around the corner.
Super What????
Oh, it's the game of who has most funds. The one with most assets and connections wins. That is what they call democracy in the USA!
Common man was once a voting partner, now he or she is just a slave of the system that depends solely on a slate of a handful elitists candidates.
For a generation the power in the US was held by only two families, the Bushie's and the Clinton's. . Shall this now continue? Wow, think about it. This is almost as traditional as the "House of Saud". Well, at least we let a woman drive a car here and let them otherwise also do whatever they please to do, without that danger of them being buried alive, ore stoned to death in the middle of a market place. I guess you could say we have progressed (compared to the Saudi's at least). But then - we still have this death penalty, and most executions happen in Texas, the Bushie country. We still have ways to. go!
And so this time around, elections in the US, are as exciting as to watch the stock market crash when you have no single fund invested in there. You just don't care.
What does that leave us with in national politics?
Not much. Perhaps we should watch more of them NBA games while sipping on a Bushweiser...
That'll distract us from all the real issues.
So be it.

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_z. said...

Ah! the world is mad...

good job on the addition my friend. can't wait to see the art inside.