Monday, January 21

NY NY for Mirvat in Lebanon

For goodness sake, the beauty still remains. New York is a fabulous city, the Empire State Building, the wax-museum, the streets, the cafe's ... take it all or leave it.

Spend money, spend time, spend glandour - whatever you have, spend it!
It is ironic that Charlie Chaplin is depicted behind a wall that states the Wall Street crash of the 20's. Are we repeating a similar routine today? Not that I really care, my "stocks" are heaped up on a woodpile, wood - ready to be fired up and burned.
So Mirvat, way down in Lebanon - I hope your own fire is still alive. May the "Big APPLE" give you a kiss!

For all others, come to see New York before the final changes - it will be worth your while. If you are in an financial pinch, stay with us for a day or two and take a day trip down to the city from Hobbit-town. Sorry, I am not vegan - but I do steam up some mighty good vegetables. So if you are not religiously obsessed about food and also don't care about the separation of fork and knife, you are very welcome! Delicacies, laughter, and perhaps music will be on the menu.


Mirvat said...

new york new york. i miss it.
thank you my dear friend :)

email me

susan said...

Nice pictures and very sweet dedication.

I haven't been to NY in a while but one thing that struck me was seeing it differently every time.

Anonymous said...
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Cynnie said...

I got a comment saying your house was burning down!.
your house looks fine darlin zee.
silly anonymouses

Before Sunrise said...

This is the city I call home (for now anyway).

I love seeing photographs of it. I have only lived here for 2.5 years but it already brings a smile to my face :)

Zee said...

"Hey jo - cheer up" (I'm saying this to myself). This lousy H. Hofer guy can't spoil my mood!
Put your finger where his ... ahh, that was rude, never-mind.

Zee said...

"Talking Heads" ... burning down the house. Good song.