Thursday, March 27


The Bush and Clinton's ruled (will stay in rule) in the USA for sixteen years. Is there a good reason to continue that trend? If Hillary gets to be elected it will sum up to be twenty years, perhaps 24 years of two families dominating the course of history and in particular the history of the USA, for a quarter century.
Maybe it is time to change the course. I am not thinking of the Vietnam-vet as an alternative this time around ... he had his chances before, and blew it.
See, I do not wish to start my first post after the election with the sentence:
"We now live in a Monarchy..."! That would be distasteful.
It is all about persona, not leadership qualifications, the latter a myth.
Therefore Hillary has no place in my deck of cards, she makes me shiver.


Seraphine said...

You must be thinking of Arnold Schwartzenegger?
Lol, joking.
Spongebob Squarepants?

reverb said...

...Zee, long time
but passing and checking that you still have good material to read
in a few days I ll pass again to listen your music

Zee said...

Hey Sera - you are as delightful and mystical as your images on your blog.

Zee said...

Reverb - what happened to your blog???

reverb said...

...nothing wrong
still there
or Im linked in the B Sun and Dr N, etc

hey, now in your avatar you dont looks like a rockandroller in heroin anymore..ha ha
more than a kind of an arty/geek- student-that-can-listen-to-S Youth

see you, Zee

_z. said...

ah i don't know zee... I try to evade talks about U.S politics... for many reasons... mainly because I am not that knowledgeable in this subject...
But as a human being, I just hope that the next president would be able to fix and mend the image of the U.S around the world... (and whatever this encompasses)

Seraphine said...

Hillary makes me shiver too.
It's personal, and goes back
to when she first presented
her health care program to
America. She seems to change
as political sands shift, rather
than standing firm in what she
believes. In the end, with her,
I don't know what to believe.

Yes, I got your photo-shopped
fan-art comic-play. Thank you
for thinking of me.

Gary said...

Yeah, what a weird analogy to the Roman Empire (again)...

I'd take Hillary over McCain, but let's work to give Obama a chance.

Bill needs to retire.

Zee said...

Thanks for your comments.

lindsaylobe said...

Zee ~an excellent post. I like the comparison to a monarchy. Looking back to recent history I guess it’s hard to imagine what might have transpired had Kennedy lived and how long the Kennedy family might have dominated politics for he seemed to have such tremendous influence and generated optimism and high expectations. Its seems to me like a mythologized mirage from a previous age. What do you think.

Zee said...

Lindsay, I don't know what to think anymore. My left brain and my right brain have an occurrence of acute desymbiosis, or disconnection lately.
The Kennedy's - I don't know where you are steering at. There is no one around with charisma anymore, and that is not limited to the USA.
The individual centaurs of political, spiritual and cultural life happen to live in heaven these days (or whatever you wish to call the afterworld, the world after physical death).
So now we live in a true "pluralistic" situation, no leaders, no stars, no heroes, perhaps even no more initiates.
Yes, I know it is somewhat discerning, but it is the way it is.
This is a world-wide situation.
The US is just pumped up into the front row, taking the heat.
The reality in Iraq is unsolvable in my view, there is no cure.
It is a dilemma that history will judge some day.
As for the myth - there is none.