Monday, March 24

I had it with spam:

... now eat this:
...yeah right!
I don't need either. But as of lately I get so many spam-messages by e-mail, it is total injudiciousness - in other words, annoying bullshit. So the only rescue I can see out of this dilemma is to make my e-mail go "dead" for a while, or either diligently upgrade my spam filter, a task I do not enjoy.
I mean really, how many cars, homes, hot chicks and other gadgets can you buy in your neighborhood in a day. This is stupid - a ridicules mess!
We are living in a recession, if not even a depression. Got to keep the essentials straight and not open up new mortgages - either of the heart, soul or body (home). The sharks are getting desperate, I can see it now. Every little blood drop you are willing to bleed, they suck it up, they search it out. Merchants in despair are lousy predators though. Bad breath from a mile away.
So I just trot along, like a Grey Haired Monkey, stubborn and incorruptible - a bit slow at times. That's my method.
And there you go, this is a personalized spam-message just for you - to brighten up your day.
What else do we have to offer?


Gary said...

Is that you in the photo man!

And in times of economic slump, the chumps have to look for whatever will provide a little lift, if you get my drift.

I still get lots of offers to get rich by sending a little seed money to Nigeria too.

Did you imaging this internet world when you were playing your sweet violin in that cafe years ago?

Seraphine said...

Zee, it's a nice poem you left. Thank you. My ad dress is tanned at mauimail dot com.

Seraphine said...

Lol it was LindsayLobe that left the poem. I'm 7/8ths asleep, having awoken early to go to workout at the gym. I could close my eyes and go immediately to sleep again. Forgive me.

Zee said...

Haha Gary, I might be a comedian at times, but my first name is not Arnold.
When I was playing violin in cafes I was working on a computer consisting of two floppy drives (luxury then) and no harddrive.
Times change.
The biochip is just around the corner. That's when I will retire and just keep my notebook, handwritten on paper.

Zee said...

P.S Gary
Of course I will in the future still frequent the "wavelenghts" of the net, perhaps from an internet-cafe...

Just think about it. Nobody sends anything for a few days. This would be Armageddon, people would think that existence as we know it had vanished completely... what a riot.
Welcome to the real world!

Zee said...

No problem Seraph, Lindsay is versed in verses - all of us know that.
The photo I did send you is Monday Blues.

susan said...

Spam, eggs, spam - spam, sausage, spam - spam, spam, toast and spam. Now that's a well rounded breakfast for you.

Zee said...

Susan - you left out the Hash-Browns, now I am dissatisfied.

susan said...

spam, spam, spam, hash browns and spam, spam, spam

feel better?

Zee said...

Bacon and homefries is my fare Susan. Give me some greens on the side...

♥nova-san said...

Would you think less of me if I told you that I actually eat Spam? The canned Sh*t Posing As Meat, I mean, not the email spam. I know, it's shameful, but I am Asian, after all, and it gets thrown around in our food once in a while.

*bows head down in shame

_z. said...

nova-san :S I eat that too... tastes good with cucumbers :S

digital spam...
I hate that. no matter how many keywords I type in in the "control room", I keep getting new ones... they even get clever and poetic at times...grrrr

happy easter zee.

Zee said...

Hello Nova-san and Z-man!
Yes I commit to the crime as well, have eaten Spam as well, in particular on hikes up the mountains. Condensed fat and calories - a good thing to have on hand.
As for Asians, I always reckoned that they throw all kind of good things into the wok - and I love it!