Saturday, March 15

a bit of local history

I got images from downtown Hillsdale yesterday, but I have a blockage to write or post much about them. You can though (as always) click on images to see them a bit bigger, if that tickles your fancy. Is bigger better?
So there, I'll give you a few lines anyway.
The Mount Washington Hotel (or "house") had been build in the early 1880's, an historical pearl within the context of American perspectives. After the turn of the century it was known as a very fine house for woman who are not afraid to show their true skin, may it be black or white, or any other color for that matter.
Times changed, and the once famous brothel turned into an ordinary establishment.

Across my driveway there used to be Mr. Miller, a very intelligent man, who made his fortune with advertisements for an established agency based in New York City. He had a lovely wife who tended the garden roses well, but she died of cancer - bless her soul.
Thereafter he got together with the woman who owned the "Mount" (Mount Washington Hotel) - a big fat lady called Marge. She was sweet and spiteful acrimoniously. But alas, she died soon after they met due to a heart attack (to much weight I guess), and then left poor Mr. Miller slip back into a lonesome chamber in his NYC loft.
Anyhow, the daughter took over. Are you following me? The daughter of the mother, who once was the lover of my neighbor who presently lives in New York and might as well be dead , who knows - this daughter now runs the "Mount Washington Hotel."
There you go, it took me all this time to tell you this, that I ate a hamburger there last night and that this thing actually tasted yummy, and the pickles on the side were fresh.


Seraphine said...

It's not nice to call anyone "big fat" even if it's true.
That hotel sounds like it has a colorful history.
It's fun when there's a personal connection to something. A sense of history is really acknowlegement that others have lived before us, and that life moves on.
There's no need to push. The enjoyment is in the journey. Fresh pickles sound delicious.

lindsaylobe said...

Hi Zee –Sounds like a convivial spot with an interesting history.

I just finished listening to your songs, very cool indeed. Dylan certainly created all manner of interesting lyrics didn’t he! I agree with you that Anddr Fluss is the favorite, with some wonderful accompaniment.

Your voice sounds very fresh and clear, excellant, I also think you could have even sung it in a higher key( up a tone or so) if you wished but it sounded great as recorded.

I also liked the mouth organ in another track; at least I think I heard it!!

Best wishes.

Zee said...

SERAPHINE -life is not nice.
It is atrocious, unfair, ballistic, violent and sometimes normal - the latter I would call precious.
Therefore a lady who is obese beyond comprehension, wider than tall, I will call "big and fat" without hesitation. It's not about being nice or not, it is about to say it how it is.
Do I say to someone who is on crack-cocaine: "Your natural chemical blend in your body has found a point of imbalance" - just to be polite? No, I'll say: "your fucked up on drugs, you are going to die. If I can offer you hope and help I will do so."

Zee said...

you plowed throw the songs - what a man!
Yes, there is me playing harp on one of them.

aaz said...

Hey there, interesting post. Do you see the possible connection we could have to the proprietor? Do you know anything about L. Zeh?

Zee said...

Hey AZZ, sorry that was AAZ, as in AZL, no AL.
There is a connection, but I lost the directions to the proper person - the person who owns the place.
We should check it out sometimes when you come up to my neighborhood.
All the best.