Friday, March 14

for your amusement only

In a smoky cafe over 20 years ago (actually it was smoke free even back then, besides the outdoors) I played some improvisational music with a troubadour from the deep down woods of Bavaria.
Two samples are uploaded on Gcast on the sidebar here, recorded life with a wobbly cassette player. If you click on "Posts" you will see the whole present list of originals. (only 4 so far).
"dr Fluss" (the river) is my favorite. The violin playing and improv actually worked out to my liking then, despite the monotonous melody line. "a liebesblues" was the antidote of what was going on in the mid 80's, the full servings of streamlined pop. I play the melody first on guitar, then switch to violin.
Look out for Gcast and press POSTS in the coming days or weeks. I might be tempted to load up some more stuff that is even older, from California back in the days ... or I might fabricate something totally new, like from 2008 with Lee or Pete on hand - or just me and my Chinese computer (no punch intended).
P.S. just uploaded a scratchy rehearsal from 1981 of a cover tune: One more cup of coffee by B.Dylan (beware, lead voice of me is OK, but my violin playing is sketchy. Nevertheless, I am proud to announce that this cover of that particular tune rivals the original)

photo of the "Altstadt Cafe" back-porch in Freiburg, Germany where Pesold and Zee played


Cynnie said...

post your music ..
sweet zee..
i love every incarnation of you

Lee said...

Zee, I'm like a proud papa all over again! I am sooo very happy for you that the embers of your musical hearth have been rekindled. If you get that piano fixed, you and I could have an entire album together by summer...then perhaps we can retire from lumber and sheetrock. Or at least retire from the tired automations of the work week for a few fleeting and sublime moments in each others' light....

♥nova-san said...

Cool stuff... I liked Dr. Fluss the best also.

Anonymous said...

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Zee said...

Thanks Cynnie - whenever I make it down to Rico, we'll have to share a cup of coffee.

Zee said...

Hey Lee - it's Friday. Lot's to think about. Less sheetrock, more muse. The way to go!

Zee said...

Hi Nova - thanks for your comment and listening. Soon there will be new stuff, something that was/is created today...
You be well!

Zee said...

Hey Helmuth (anonymous my ass) long time no see.
Glad you are not dead. But I do object to your definition of "liberal" nevertheless.
As for throwing bricks through my mother's windows - good luck. I don't think you are even capable to pick up a table tennis ball.
As for the lottery winnings, that's such a lie - nobody wins in the lottery. It's a scam by the government to even further tax the poor mans assets.

remo4 said...

hi zee
still in trouble with these hinterwäldler austrians?
I freu mi jedes mol über di blog!
Offebaar hämr doch immer no sehr änliggi interässe, fotene, musig usw.
lässig, die bilder vo euch dert äne, sisch jo lang här, dass mir bi euch gsi sin...

Zee said...

you left me puzzled, my dementia is creeping in.
Jetzt muesch'mr mol a hint gaeh. Haet das irgendoepis 'ztue mit 'nme Schwarze Haengscht?
Gobfridstutz, ich weiss maengmol wirkli nuemme wo min kopf haengt - filicht ufm baesestiel.

remo4 said...

Well, think about the old rüttiweg 2.
dr hiigl mit em bligg uffs schlössli?
Verschta usw...

Zee said...

No, not creep - creeping in though.
Wait a minute, Ruttiweg 2 ...
That's impossible.
Das isch doch das huus grad bidr kantine, wie heisst das jetzt: Speisehaus maybe.
You still have ways to go to enlighten me, or maybe I should join the Buddhist monks and it will happen.
Tibet is getting ready for the Olympics you know ...
What a spectacle.
Ruttiweg 2 - I got to Google that one. But I can assure you that you had only a view to "dr' huegel" aber nit 'sSchloss...

remo4 said...

joo dänk, i main doch dr huegel.
Dr heinzer und dr benne und dr bally...

Zee said...

I give up REMO ... at least for tonight.

Gary said...

Very cool! And I love the scratchy live feel of it. You're a talented man.

Zee said...

scratchy if not catchy, perhaps sketchy Gary ...

remo4 said...

come on, zee, its me: Marc.
Forgotten all your friends of yesterday?...

Zee said...

I will never forget my friends of yesterdays ... das doeffli wo I maengmol vo dr 'gstole ha um nach Basel abzhaue. Eifach weg, weg vo minr mueter. Nomol dankschoen...
Emerson, Lake & Palmer in dim zimmer, s'Nettli mit ihre feine unterwoesch (that's where you always got a hard on) and so forth and so on.
My goodness, I remember those juvenile days.
Now I am just an old saggy faced statistic, living in the USA.
This is how time change.
Dr' Kreiliger haet immer no "an issue" mit mir will ich vor a paar johr sini tochter durch a krise gschwaetzt ha (the Alex girl) und denn mit dem Daeni verkupled. Ich glaub er haet mir nit verzieh will sie damals boes uf dr papa gsi isch und ich sie einfach duregredet ha.
Maybe I should send him a bill for theraputic services.
I actually am curious to hear what that girl is doing nowadays. Is she OK???

remo4 said...

hi zee
Ich melde mich gelegentlich über Deine mailadresse, fahre morgen 2 Wochen nach Italien. Danach. ok?
Bis dann +