Thursday, March 13

Spitzer, Beijing Olympics - and dirty air

Dirty air all abound.
The governor of New York resigned today because the air was filthy. Prostitutes are a mans second to last answer. With all due respect, let us call them companions.
I have a lot of respect for the hard working woman who do these "escort services" for three and up to $5000 (thousand) an hour. Spitzer (the governor) might not even ever have used the opportunity of added sexual pleasures, nobody will ever know.
But spending thousand over thousands of dollars to walk beside a hot chick down the avenue is beyond my comprehension. It is actually unreal. I would personally never do such a thing. It would turn me off, not on.
So now he is done for, he resigned, that's that.
The dirty air conversation continues. The summer Olympic games are supposed to be in China this year, an other polluted breeze of air. Athletes may take their pollution-control masks along. The air is so bad, an average American infidel might drop to the ground within 10 minutes.
But that's not the point.
China has (in my book) one of the worst human rights records in history.
China is not in their right minds, they know nothing about Olympia on the Pelepones in Greece, the traditions where this "olympiad" came from, the honors required to give to the god Zeus. Nothing at all. Blank, blank, blank ....
I went to Olympia three times in my life, the place is astounding, the sculptures in equilibrium. I am glad the fires there last summer did not destroy everything. I wish to visit one more time,

So, back to the "dirty air". You, the consumer buys 86% Chinese products, from pocket knifes to under-garments, batteries to computers, shirts to wall paint. I challenge you to act otherwise, to buy locally if you can. But you will not do so, because you just have no choice. So you will stay a conformer, a good consumer - until the walls are crumbling a'down. (the € euro is now worth $1.50)
Thereafter, hail to fresh air!


Lee said...

WTF, Zee? Get a little more sleep or something! I haven't been subject to a polemic like that since...well, since we worked together yesterday. The sheetrock is from Canada at least. Oh, and for the record, I feel like the resultant actions of desparate men (and women) like our former governor are truly indicative of a much deeper sorrow/pain/or some other soul-sickness. But that's just my thought. See ya in the morning my friend.

Lee said...

Oh, okay, I'll try to persuade you yet again to check out my slightly further-reaching treatise on the Spitzer matter on my blog. It'll give us something to argue (respectfully) about tomorrow. Have an extra cup of coffee before you come....

♥nova-san said...

Dirty air all around, indeed...

Yeah, I am personally boycotting the Olympics this year. Why in God's name they chose China to host the Olympics, I'll never know.

I could start a rant on all the evils of China, but I won't. For one, it would take too long as I have a long list of grievances with them, and two, I might come out sounding anti-Chinese. I just won't go there... at least not today.

Zee said...

The sheetrock stinks, pissed on by a Canadian raccoon. What are we going to do?
As for leisurely-loose woman and men of shrinking penises, they have been in business for centuries. Nothing new on that front.
In the particular Spitzer case it just blew my mind.
How many other politicians will now tremble? Good grief, I have done stupid things in the past (and present) but I would not succumb to the notion, that while representing the people of a state it would give me the "lee-way" to whisk away that urge wich predominates in male homo-sapiens. I would try to consider restraint, perhaps become a monk, I don't know.
Do you get my drift?

Zee said...

OK, I hear your voice, the situation is weird, maybe even out of control.
I respect China for all it's previous accomplishments - they are invaluable and precious, the history is phenomenal. But under present political circumstances, I give them "thumbs down."

Seraphine said...

Dirty air, dirty laundry. I have some sympathy for Mr. Spitzer, but I feel sorry for his wife and children. Try telling her it's a "victimless" crime.
It's hard for this american to feel 'holier than thou' against the chinese when an american president allows torture while interrogating prisoners. I thought we were the 'good guys' of the world, but somehow we've lost our way. Who're the good guys now? The danes?
Can I get a score card?

Gary said...

Right on! I would love to see these Olympics pressured, perhaps even ruined. They are so keen to be accepted and take their big place in the world. Let's tell them that unless they improve on human rights, it ain't going to happen.

As for Spitzer, well maybe he was doing research, not the escort. Or perhaps it was a sting operation but he got caught up in spanking instead.

I'll stop now...

Zee said...

Gary, I must say - you are one of the few people I know who still make me laugh.