Saturday, March 8

the dawn of days to come

March has that subtle promise. You are neither here nor there. Winter is not gone, but spring is in the air.
For Lee and I it was a voyage in a haunted house. Good spirits had left the premises, instead black poisoned mold had crept in. I could taste it on my tongue, bitter and acidic.
The owner is trying to redeem the place by us installing warped and moldy doors salvaged from a dumpster behind the Home Depot parking lot.
As you can see on the picture, I am trying to glue back a delaminated bi-fold door that truthfully belongs to the trash pile it came from.
"Winter" is not over in the USA, it merely started despite the change of season.
The chill of high oil prices, the falling US currency, unemployment rising... looks like a real recession to me. Can you convince me otherwise?

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