Sunday, March 30

It has come to your and my attention...


Sarah J Clark said...

What? What's come to our attention?!?

Scratch that. This morning, it has come to my attention, blueberry pop tarts aren't near as good as strawberry ones.

So, as I sit here at work squandering away company time, my blueberry pop tart sits half eaten on my desk, among a pile of papers and pictures, making it appear as though I seriously need to reconsider the tidiness of my working environment.


Zee said...

SARAH - absolutely nothing came to my attention!
That's why I thought you and others might jump in - excellent start.
Do you like fresh picked blueberries?

Sarah J Clark said...

Fresh picked blueberries -- never had any.

Monday morning, 6 a.m. ... it has come to my attention I need more sleep.

Mmmm sleep. Sleep is good.

Seraphine said...

My attention is very short.
Or maybe time flies.
It's a combination.
Time flies when one has a short attention span.
Maybe that's it.

Zee said...

Sera - sounds like a new line for a picture story.

Lee said...

...that someone has placed a photo of an exhausted and, dare I say, haggard Zee where once there was an impish sprite of a guy. It has come to your and my attention that this contrast bears some consideration: what's going on there, buddy?

Zee said...

I'm tired Lee.
But since you mention it, I will change the pic but the new one will still resemble present state of mind.
Octanes have dropped severely, maybe thats why ....