Friday, March 9


What is interesting with these statistics is, that Mushrooms and LSD fair on the bottom of all the habitual poisons of self-destruction, and that alcohol tops it. On top of that, they (the hounds of statistics) found out that LSD will decrease the desire for alcohol, taken just one trip (medium strength) and thereby decrease desire towards alcohol, and the effect will last a year. Funny how one drug cancels out an other. 
I am not advertising Hoffman La Roche's "miracle cure" here, and I am definitely not giving you a green light to try LSD. That drug is not a trip, it is a voyage. And if you do not have a good coach (or several) - taking this substance might turn out to be disastrous to your health and well being - and, you might experience permanent damage.
So said, I have to be honest, I did try it once myself, in 1981. The journey was  spectacular and I found myself crossing borders and opening doors I had never touched before. All inner energy was absolutely focused, you were able to shatter a brick-wall with the blink of your eye, no kidding. And you perceived the future about three seconds before it happened. 
Would I do it again? NO! Once was enough. I do not want to spoil the treat. It can not be redone.
So what do I do now? I silently moved up to the top of the list, namely alcohol, and I hate it! And I am getting rid of it as I speak ... even with help - not my usual style, but I accept!
What is missing on this chart is mescaline, that cactus derived thing. Or maybe I just oversaw it. Never would try it anyway.
One of the more stupid songs of Lennon comes to mind here:
"All you need is love, tatahdadadah". Drug of the future? Maybe.

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