Saturday, March 17

White can be evil, all about food

Of course there are white witches and wizards who belong to the cast that is above average grey. That is not what I am talking about. Those are cool. I am talking about food.
There has been a study out there the other day, that hepatitis-B is more common amongst people who eat white rice only (to their meal). And that is a majority of people in Asia and in the USA, maybe in other places as well, I don't know.
White should be out-banned in foods in general, except for the occasional exception.
1. Refined white sugar
2. Refined white salt
3. Refined white rice
4. Refined white flower
So, if we sometimes are so gracious to ship bags of rice to African nations who are starving - remember this phrase: White kills white AND also black!
I guess that is a statement that enters the non-food section.
All I wish to say is, "refining" (whitening) foods don't make them better.
Time to go back to the actual harvest, the crop that nature intended to offer.

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