Saturday, March 10


Look at this picture one more time, perhaps somewhat more closely. This is a man who happens to have a long neck, a mustache like Hitler - and a third of his brain is cut off. The top of is head is flat like a pan.
Then look at his eyes, narrow, close together, a susceptible sign of zero tolerance. His lower ear-lobes are not free but connected to the skin of the upper cheek. A sign of self-indulgence and self-righteousness.
I could go on forever. And even with the possibility of a death-squad knocking at my door, I will remain honest and tell the world that this guy is evil, always was, always will be. I mean, look at this picture - is this not pitiful?
I do not know what fate brought him to the "throne of Syria", little do I know what is happening there in the present. One thing I do know, this idiot has to go.
Sorry Assad, but you really look like the fool on the hill.

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