Tuesday, March 6

I am tired about Syria, Israel and Iran

All the time, the BBC reports about Syria, since days and weeks on end. I am sick of it. 
Netanhaho met Obama in the US, and Obama said, Israel will always be supported, no matter what....  no matter what cause, no matter what situation. 
So Iran is the target of Israel now, their so called capability to produce nuclear bombs? 
I am not sure why there is always unconditional, unilateral  support from the US to Israel?!  It actually bothers me. Is it the film industry (mostly Jews), the bankers (mostly Jews), the politicians (mostly Jews)? What makes it possible for the US to always have a blind eye, when it comes to the situation of Israel? What is so special about this British, after WW2 constructed enclave?What is so special about Israel that makes it untouchable?
Obama: "When the chips are down, we will always support Israel. Israel will always be our partner."
Is this a game or a gamble?
Netanhaho: "When it comes to the security of Israel, we will never falter and always pursue our own interests, even if we have to bomb Iran to protect our national security". 
This is a sad line from a country who produced some of the worlds most gifted and talented artists in the past (20th century), writers, musicians, free-thinkers, architects, biologists, scientists. 
Now they are just fighting for their blood, not their geniuses, not their intellectuals, not their artists, not their reasonable common man or woman.
They act just like Nazi's towards Palestine and the local population, kind of queer, if you consider this reversal of history. The promised land is not a state with borders. It is in your heart that you embrace nations without fences. That is the only method. Religions might be important and cute. But in the end, on the bottom line, tolerance and mutual cultural understanding will rule the day.
Hence, Obama and all of the US support systems of Jews is wrong, Netanhaho and Israel is wrong. I do not say this easily, because I respect both sides. 
Welcome to WWIII!
Why don't we simply let regional people figure out their own fate, may it be in the Middle-East or in some other continent without interference. But I guess that is too hard for a cowboy to understand.

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