Saturday, March 10

No more

Irrelevant. The pretentious whore turned out to be a filthy, hairy male prostitute, not that she or he was of any interests to me, but I stayed curious. 12:30 in the afternoon, she came back from a smoke outside, and then it (he/she) raised it's arms, revealed a super hairy belly, it almost made me puke at the restaurant in this train station. Transvestites are not my primary choice.And then there was this old  papa, sitting there every-time when I wait for my train connection after I have went shopping. He is absolutely "out of it", derailed, talks sweet nonsense to everyone, starts singing songs at times randomly, well known tunes, with a passion. 
Then I observed a father and a child. They were kind to each other. Very refreshing. I wondered how the mother of this child looks like and where she was hiding, or working?
I know one thing now, perfection is not a pursuit of riches and money which we seek. Instead somehow your blessed palm will capture a sparkle that dropped from the sky. And it sparkled long enough for you to get inspired indefinitely.
That is linear, and this non-linear complexity supported by Einstein's theory of self-persecution, e2-what? You forgot the formula? Perhaps you are an artist! It never mattered anyway - Einstein was a freak, and he never made a secret of it. He was able to compose passion and still keep his posture. And sort of left-handed he jerked out the theorem of relativity. Pretty brilliant move. Do I adore him? Absolutely.

(All imagery is mine of course, soundtrack is stolen from the Web, it happened to be from Whithesnake - cheers!)

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