Sunday, January 8

...and while we dream

... and while we dream endless images on white,
we dream to see again summer light
cautious movements
that's all there is
and the improvements
become awake in slumber of a winter night


Cym said...

hello zee:

I found your site while randomly surfing the blogosphere. I enjoy your site, and am especially intrigued by your profile description. Also, the age you give (104) can't possibly be true.

Zee said...

I also sometimes randomly surf the blog-sphere - and find nothing ...
It was refreshing to read your Taoist blog. Thanks for stumbling across this one, otherwise I would never got to know yours.

Gary said...

Thanks for a post on my site - I too enjoyed a browse through yours. I'll list it and return. I enjoy the fine blend of rant, poetry, photos and whimsy. Something like a fine Islay Scotch!

Gary said...

Back again! I saw your post on Waldorf education. Our two (15 and 18 now) attended from K to 9th grade here in Nelson, BC. Steiner aside (puts me to sleep), the education was pretty wonderful for them. Both do well with academics, yet are also deeply into music, poetry, writing (my son) and dance, theatre, painting and singing (my daughter). We're all so rich for it.

Granny said...

You're not the only 104 year old blogger. I found another one just the other day. It's an epidemic. Gary and I are Blogging buds and he sent me here.

I don't want you to give away your anonymity but I grew up in the Mohawk Valley, ten miles east of Utica, and wonder if we might have been neighbors once upon a time. I've been gone since 1956 though.

I have two blogs. One is a political blog called which I share with another great-grandmother. The other is more of a family chat thing.

We're talking about a lot of things on "america". I wrote a post this morning about the upcoming committee hearings on Alito. Help please if you can. You and I both live in "blue" states and my Senior Senator is the only woman on the Judicary committee. You have two Democratic Senators. Write letters anyway. Reinforcement helps.

I'm begging my blogging friends to spread the word. With the current turmoil in the Republican Party, we may have a shot at defeating this disaster by swinging moderate Republicans; if not on Judiciary then in the full Senate but it will take some work.

Worried American and I would be please to have you visit "Is America Burning" and I always welcome new visitors to granny. We have fun over there. Just ask Gary.

Gary said...

I see you teach in the Waldorf school, so I don't need to tell you anything about it! It's the Nelson Waldorf School School we belonged to for so many years.

Zee said...

A short reply ...

Granny, I live at the border of Columbia county NY and Berkshire county MA. It's a lovely location but people tend to turn into hobbits here.
Gary, what are you doing up so late???
But hey, thanks for the Nelson link. Hope they treated you well there. As with any institution who tries an idealistic approach, there are brilliant sides and pitfalls as well.