Sunday, January 22

Counter weights and woman

At home I face a daily invasion of girls and I escape (no it's not that bad) often to my studio. They are all mostly charming. But my daughter is a beautiful stubbern head and knows very well how to rally up support when she has put something into her mind. Sometimes it is just too much to handle. At work I was confronted with counterweights of old fashioned windows (the restoration project of Ventford Hall). When the window is done, with trim and all - I will post an other picture.
What's new? The weather forecast pledges snow and not rain for a change... I'll go for that! This Jannuary has seen the most unstable weather since many years.

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Worried said...

The stripped windows - the completed restoration on the upper post - what a marvelous transformation. New life to an old beauty. A work well done and a tribute to the woodworkers.