Wednesday, January 11

Rambling about intelligence

I am not opposed to whales, neither to brain mass per body ratio analogies.
Nevertheless, the naked human being -yes naked- has to invigorate much more intelligence to get dressed every day which by all accounts the whales are spared to do so.
In my view intelligence is not an accumulation of brain mass, but rather the ability to interconnect continuos changing circumstances depending on social and environmental challenges. In this respect the "human" has a unique position, weighing continuously the odds of survival and extinction of its own existence.
The possibility of having your own fate in your own hands is unique to the human compared to all other species. Perhaps one could label it "freedom" - a thing that no other creature on earth can aspire!


DA said...

Intelligent thinking Zee. Although freedom would seem rather relative to many people with alcohol, drug, nicotine, zoloft, etc. addictions..

Zee said...

Well, you're looking at one of them... with addictions that is. I am smoking until the day gets tired, and I don't mind a single malt either ... cheers to Gary!

DA said...

Makes three of us then (on the single malt part Zee).

What I meant was that many people can't handle the freedom you mentioned and therefore i believe it isn't a blessing pur sang.

I wonder if a whale feels freedom..

Gary said...

Yes, we pay a heavy price for self-awareness. I agree that it exhibits a high intelligence, but it also gives us the ability to be miserable SOBs and to screw it up for all others, including whales.

If we were in the same town, I'd provide the single malt (got a nice Islay for Christmas) and we could sort this out.

Lindsay Lobe said...

Hi Zee

Thanks for your posting which I found interesting.

And a good discussion gentlemen representing a branch of a professed “naked truth “ ? as each profession claims it own truth ?.

I think self determinism,the measurement of intelligence and understanding consciousness are very ticklish concepts.

Zee I am afraid I remain a rather “devilish ” doubting Thomas of a student, but you might have a better chance over a drink as Gary suggests.

I do agree on that.

Best wishes

Elizabeth Green said...

You make an interesing point, but I wonder if there is something in whale existence, or the existence of any other species, that is akin to getting dressed that takes the same sort of skill, and we, as self-centered humans, just don't realize it.