Tuesday, January 24

Finished Window

From counterweights to woman, from woman to finished windows. Yes, woman are the windows to see the world if you are willing to go from room to room within them, enabling you to see different vistas depending where you are at, or where they themselves are at. Physical windows are easier to tackle and comprehend, even though they also can be a pain in the neck at times.
Anyhow, finished the restoration of this triple window at Ventford Hall today. Feels good to be done with that project.


Worried said...

What a magnificient building. Do you know the name of the architect who designed it? I'm sure there is no record of the artisans who made reality of the architects' dream. You did great service to restore a part of it. Good work. I liked the comparison of the photo of it stripped, and now the finished work.
I've read your posts down to where the girls are cooking bacon and eggs, but commented on only a few.
I enjoy your thought processes, young man. You and Dimitri have beautiful minds.
Will you post again on Pictures from Maine? You are a very talented, artistic man. Your photos feed the spirit and are a welcome respite from the ugliness of politics. We need reminders of the great beauty this earth offers us - and reminders we must fight to protect it. This blue marble, this tiny blue dot in the immensity of space, so unique.
I understand why you are a "visual" man.

Zee said...

Why do you call me "young man"? I feel as old as a used towel tossed into the back alley.

Granny said...

Hey zee, that's because you haven't met me and "worried". You're young, trust me.

Thanks for your comment on isamericaburning.

Why do we shower you with attention? Because we're grannies of course and that's what we do.

Keep coming back to visit.

Ann (granny)

Elizabeth Green said...

Zee, the window looks great. What a wonderful job. This kind of restoration is quickly becoming a lost art. The building is gorgeous. Great photography, too, as always on your blog

Anonymous said...

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