Tuesday, January 17

A recluse has an announcemet

Need to focus on some things that I will have to teach for my next block. Therefore I am going into a self-"propelled" retreat and will not post here as often anymore for a while. Nevertheless, Gary, Dimitri and all the other bloggers will see me around. Certainly I will read their posts, if nothing else...


Kathleen Callon said...

Don't know what happened to your moon post, but do like your blog.

DA said...

Hey, he's going in retreat.
Pull his ejection seat.
Cause Blosville's street
without Zee is incomplete!!

Best of luck friend!

Zee said...

dimitri is not a shrub
but resembles more a tree
don't launch into my hot tub
before informing me

P.S. .... at least bring over the Cotes du Rhone and some crackers

Elizabeth Green said...

Have fun with those lesson plans, Zee.