Sunday, January 29

Chaos at Saddam's trial

Saad Djebbar, an international lawyer and commentator on Middle East politics told the BBC that the chaotic scenes meant that the whole trial was being undermined:
"I think it was a big mistake that this trial was held in Iraq because the judge, you cannot find a person, one individual today in Iraq - judge, lawyer, prosecutor who is impartial vis a vis Saddam Hussein.

... I must agree, they should have had him tried somewhere else. Too bad that that the US denies the validity of the Hague (international) court. It complicates matters.


Dem Soldier said...

Yeah man, I wished we have put him in the Hague international court, but than the Repubs don't like anything that has international on it. Only when it refers to oil, and cheap labor.

Lindsay Lobe said...

Fact of the mattter is,notwithstanding his obvious crimes against humnaity, the evidence is constrained, confined to a single event and weak. The US is despoarate to move with extreme haste and should have waited until sufficient hard evidence was propely prepared.

Interesting o know what it cost. Average cost per death in the US forv run of the mil murders with death penalty in NY state is $20 million.

Lindsay Lobe said...

oops I posted that last comment inadvertently before checking the spelling/ very untidy.

Best wishes

Zee said...

Hey Lindsay, I don't care about grammar - I care about attitude. And your heart seems to be at the right place. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Elizabeth Green said...

I, too, think that the international court would be a better choice. Even better, they could give him to the Iraqis. They would spend $1 on a bullet between the eyes and be done with him. In any case, they could always try Susie's method and use some duct tape to keep him seated & keep his mouth shut :-)