Wednesday, January 11

One last cold kiss

So here are the lyrics to a song that is rendered very well by Christy Moore,
and I am trying to memorize them (since years). The chord progression on the guitar is easy, d-minor/C,F,G,E ...
Did you know that swans are one of the few species that "mate for life", humans certainly don't!

Two island swans mated for life,
And his faithful heart would not consider any other wife.
For three years peaceful joy midst the rushes of the pond,
Proud and gentle was the loving of the last two island swans.

Their love was like a circle, no beginning and no end,
With his lady by his side a treasure and best friend.
And the pond was all so peaceful with the rising of the sun,
Young and free like the island breeze their life was just begun.

'Til a dread day in November when the searing cold did start,
Stalked the hunter with his bow, he put an arrow through her heart.
Husband come to my side let your feathers warm my pain,
For I feel I will not spend another day with you again.

And the cold winds blow,
He was brave but he's laid low.
By her body in the isle of mist,
I saw him give her one last cold kiss, one last cold kiss.

Of swans the people talk of only one in this days tide,
They brought him twenty ladies he would take no other bride.
They say he will not move from the place where she did fall,
Once so proud he's beaten now, he will not speak at all.

And the cold winds blow,
He was brave but he's laid low.
By her body in the isle of mist,
I saw him give her one last cold kiss, one last cold kiss.


Lindsay Lobe said...

A beautiful poem.

A cry for a covenant for our beloved nature, to respect her, to be in partnership.

As a species I think we do not show reverence for natures life.

I felt the knife in the heart of nauture's noble swan.

ian russell said...

it's a wonderful sentiment but you know that humans are the only species to go in for anthropomorphism? it's probably more a marriage of convenience. ;o)

that's a one in a million picture though!

Lindsay Lobe said...

Hi Zee & Ian

It’s an interesting point Ian. But I remain convinced our problems as humans arise to some extent as a perception of cleverness because of our overerwhelming technological superiority, complex language and consciousness.

Let’s take the magnificent Sperm whales as comparison rather than our swans. Their frontal lobes of their brains are more developed and much larger as a ratio to body weigh than ours. In other words if we measure our IQ as an average of say 100 than the Great Sperm Whale according to the latest scientific research would be 2,000. Their level of consciousness is much more developed than ours. Apparently they spend more time in nutering and caring activities and do not exhibit any of the anxiety and fear we have in relation to death. Pods again becoming familiar many years later after only brief encounters will remember exchanges in an astonishingly variety and complexity according to the Scientists.

Language prevents us understanding better nature and the animal kingdom, but I don’t think we sit on the top of the pile, although I guess it’s likely we may always think that’s the case.

Best wishes

Zee said...

I am not opposed to whales, neither to brain mass per body ratio analogies.
Nevertheless, the naked human being -yes naked- has to invigorate much more intelligence to get dressed every day which by all accounts the whales are spared to do.
In my view intelligence is not an accumulation of brain mass, but rather the ability to interconnect continuos changing circumstances depending on social and environmental challenges. In this respect the "human" has a unique position, weighing continuously the odds of survival and extinction of its own existence.
The possibility of having your own fate in your own hands is unique to all species. Perhaps one could label it "freedom" - a thing that no other creature on earth can aspire!

Gary said...

Who is the author? It's very moving.

Zee said...

The author of "One last cold kiss"?
Hmm, I wish I knew... There are quite a bunch of musicians who did their version of it. I would categorize it as a "traditional" or folk song from anonymous.
When I finished the "production" of my present semi-rap song "do you know, who's in control?" I will try to get a decent recording done of above song. Perhaps I can post it on a website as an mp3...
Will not happen before March though.