Monday, January 9

Back to work

before we started

Michael and I, restored a few years ago large portions of Ventford Hall in Lenox MA, a building that used to belong to the late daughter of P.G. Morgan - yes THAT Morgan, the banker! The building was also used for the award winning movie "The Cider-House Rules".
Anyhow, I'm back working with Michael on this endles project - but more importantly, Michael is giving me his expertise in cabinet work so I can build a fancy bookshelf for one of my students. Thank you Michael!

All right, so that activity might pay my bills.
But you see allready that also I make compromises in this regard. Bankers (and lawyers) in my eyes are part of the scumm of the world, greedy to the extent of complete nausea. And so "I'm bying in" you think? No, I touch solely wood not human destinies through money and legal procedures. At least that is my excuse.


Gary said...

You're creating beauty - don't focus on the patrons! We need the beauty and I'm happy you got some of their dough.

And it is beautiful...

Worried said...

The true worker of wood - not merely a carpenter with saw, hammer, and nails - must be an artist, with love in his heart for the warm, sensuous beauty of the natural wood. I do not now advocate the murder of the hardwoods for the building of homes. But once it has been done, the beautiful works must not be allowed to disintegrate through neglect. Beautiful architecture, decor, is no less an art form than sculpture or painting.