Thursday, June 29

screw it

New York State has put out recommendations for all people to build a copy of Noah's barge because it is raining so much that even parts of interstate highways are out of service; all is flooded.
Well screw them, I'll live on an island then or sail away.
Israelis bomb Gaza and kill multitudes of people to find and rescue one lost soldier.
Well, screw them - they will never find him alive. Murder does not make people come back.
A friend of mine is dying of cancer and soon will not be able to talk anymore and then slowly dwindle.
Well screw that damn cancer, it brakes my heart to see him go.
I went down with my disabled car to see someone I care for, that was excellent per say, but screw the car, a stupid peace of scrap metal.
Screw it.
But sometimes the right tool-set at hand to be able to tighten them screws at need is all that matters.
Do you have your tools handy to make any kind of repair, physically, emotionally and spiritually?
For somebody else, or just for yourself....???
It's good if you do, no matter which one of the two.


Mirvat said...

sorry about your friend.

Trée said...

Zee, I'd love the hear more about the tools you have in your toolkit for dealing with all the various screws we have to deal with. That you are aware that such tools exist tells me you probably have a few that are helpful. If you have the time, please share.

As for cancer, I've lost too many family and friends to this monster of a disease, and most of them still had their music in them. Tell me your friend's name and I will keep them in my thoughts and prayers. Peace.

Zee said...

Thanks Mirvat. He is a painter and I loved his work and I also loved his personality.
Tree - I was hoping for you to provide some answers and suggestions.
Well, my friends name is Kurt and he struggles with his karma in Basel Switzerland.
Thanks for the kind words.

Lenren said...

I am very sorry for friend and you for having to see him go through that, and then miss him. I liked this post. Take care, Amber

Zee said...

lenren - a voice from the wilderness!
thanks for your thoughts.

Progressive Traditionalist said...

This post made me think of specialization of labor, and how, in some circumstances, this is not a particularly auspicious arrangement.

And then of how some of the processes most important to us as people remain hidden from ourselves; automated as it were, learned long ago without respect to update, or efficiency.

Then I was about to extend to you a greeting, somewhat stiff and formal, but heart-felt nevertheless, and it occured to me, "But what is Peace, after all? Is it freedom from hardship or constraint, or merely being able to answer in a capable manner to the challenges that await us?"

In short, there is much to think of here. As for me, I will have a beer while I wait for some clarity; no doubt some lesser, weakened clarity that has strayed from the greater herd of clarity and will provide an easy target.


Haider Droubi said...

our bodies are machines that will break down soon,,same as cars..and the understanding of the world we live in,including all the poiltical issues going able to break down too..

accepting the fact that the body doesnt have to be as strong as our believs,principlas and goals....

someone said :our body is just another prison of our souls...

a scary fact...but what to do ....

very nice blog zee...full f answers

daubmir said...

I like your bohemian wanderings... creativeness is surely part of it

Cia e stammi bene!

Novacaine said...

Thanku on reminding me to arrange my tool kit...maybe find a new screw "driver"..

DA said...

reminded me of the lousy piece of equipment we ourselves are at times..

Lhonez said...

I think I do. Unfortunately, I usually find that I never have the tool I need at the right time. At any rate, my condolences for your friend.

Meander said...

i am so sorry about your friend zee. i wish i could take your friend's pain away and yours too.