Sunday, May 13

British On Crack Equals History Blockage

Opened up BBC news as a routine thing today. And there you have it. The Brits don't get it. Not during the Ottoman empire; and ever since there after, the Anglos failed miserably.(Actually for the record we should go back to Ghandi and India - never mind).
So anyhow, I opened their webpage today and found this:

"Mullah Dadullah's death is a huge setback for the Taleban.
It will not be easy for the leadership to find a replacement.
According to Taleban sources, Mullah Dadullah led from the front without caring for his personal safety.
His death may make it harder for Taleban fighters to keep up morale at a time when the odds are heavily stacked against them..."

How come you can remain that dull and stupid.
There are no odds to win against the Taleban. It's their home territory for goodness sake. No setback for these guys. Time is the key - and they keep moving on their land as they wish. One leader killed means nothing. Just like carpenter ants, the muslim extremists will replenish themselves. No worries. No British crack heads will prevent that, nor any US intervention. In the mean time Afghanistan has made itself again noticeable to be the major contributor of heroin and poppy seeds on the world market. Most of that shit is shipped to the US. Go figure.


Mone said...

this is so very true... but the aim for this publicity is to just for hype and to make the public feel as though accomplishment was done..

ian russell said...

we invented propaganda, it is one of our best assets. think the writings of Orwell, Churchill's speeches, and all those Victorians' endeavours!

he he, but you are quite right (just don't tell the afghanis).