Friday, May 25

Sex, drugs and war

It would have been time to post a nude picture here by now,
one with those fine curves included that bow
but this blog is unwilling to grove that way
and I will have to move and sway
to the borders I do not to see
into that direction right now
your gracious paths
to shores of disengagement
and all that troubles me shall vain,
laugh, be joyful - then come to rest,
as you always wanted - at last.



Anonymous said...

Aes gits joo nid !

bisch gopferdeggel scho wieder zue?
o excuse - immer no zue ?
Gli wieder zue ?

mit dir wirds none schlimmis
Aendi naeh Luki gopferdammi.

E scheeni Pfingschde
und suuf nid zvill-
utopischer Wunsch
das,mer wuessets.


Anonymous said...

P.S.:Foteni sin nid emool schlaechd.

ok suuuf witer !
wiiber gids doert
obe im gacko sowiso
kaini -
ekel :(

Zee said...

Thanks for the compliment Oarsch.

lindsaylobe said...

An unusual format ,,,,,,,but it works well !! I like it !!

Let's have more of your thoughts expressed so well in this verse medium !!

Best wishes

Zee said...

Thanks Lindsay!
I will continue within those avenues, promise.