Tuesday, May 29

From Pimp to Redneck - a vehicle makes a man

Last time I was driving home, the transmission of my car gave up, an Oldsdmobile Cutlass Supreme. Was a nice rig, leather seats, whisper quiet, super good stereo ... and so forth. A true pimp car.
Only problem - 256,000 miles on the engine. So it was not worth the money and effort to fix her.
Now I purchased the unthinkable, a Ford XL (extra large) pick up truck ... for a song! Some carpenter wanted to get rid of it quick. Sometimes you can get the best deals on an island because nobody feels inclined to drag their stuff to the mainland on a ferry if not absolutely necessary.
The body is made of galvanized steel and therefore there is hardly any rust. The bumpers are still made of metal and don't conform to the crush-zone-plastic-shit that is ordinarily found on every car nowadays.
So there you go. All I now need is a gun-rack and put some gear in there, then my reincarnation as a redneck is complete.
... from all things there is -I bought a FORD. Unthinkable, but yet true!
By the way, I actually got a new gaget that is "whisper-quiet". In the background of this picture you will see the bay which belongs to the Old Harbor. Today I tested an electric boat-motor there, successfully - zero noise, zero emissions and 55 pounds of thrust to keep you moving at about 8 knots or so. What a delight.
Life is good!


reverb said...

...first, congrats for your new ride..

here cost a fortune one of these
still I dont like p up trucks
so crank up the Country music volume for your total redneckness

...my motorcycle is 60 years old and still is on the road (where they belong)

lindsaylobe said...

Co incidentally I also just purchased a car, I won’t take delivery until mid June of a diesel powered Peugeot with a special carbon filter to trap the CO2 and very economical/ 4.9 litres per 100 km/ but powerful....it’s also that exact colour of red.

Sounds like a good idea to for you make that acquisition when the opportunity presents itself; on an island I daresay you won’t be doing much mileage in any event!!

At 8 knotts- its a dam good speed, for your clean electic boat motor !1 who wants to go any faster on the water !

Best wishes

gabriel archangel said...

Life is good ?!
Yea as long as you remember
proactively that it can go from good
to worst in less than a millisecond.
So sober up you dumbshit.

Coz you're turning redneck faster
than I can read the signs by which
I am seeing that you are.

So fine you got some pocket money
to spend finally - I'm impressed.
The only thing I like about this
truck is the color...as for the
rest I had nothing but 2nd hand
rides all my life and I know
one thing for certain.

No one ever sells his car for a song but for a very good reason.
And not bothering to pay
the ferry ain't one of them.

Your'e full of Hybris of late
and getting braindead on top of it.
Bad choice.

Anonymous said...

Lug dr aa dr Luki im Mai !
Alles neu macht der Mai !

Iiich han e Chaarre !
Lueget lueget lueget !!
iich han e Segelboot !
iiich han e Elektromotor
wiil Iiich bi umwaeltfruendlig !

Iiich cha miiich verchaufe
liebi Gemeini !!
Iich bi en Erfolgsmodell
Und dann haan Iiich jawooll iich! - alles was iich bruuch und no meh !

Jawoll lueget und loset.

Was Du haesch ich e Doppelgaenger
vo mittlerwiili de Groesse
vo Russland de haesch !
Chasch stolz si.

Numme isch es esoo.
E Doppelgaenger isch wiene Buuch.

Schnell gross und ewigs lang
bim Abnaeh wie'niiich waiss.
Wenn ueberhaupt.

Aber mir Vortraeg halte
dass d' Moenschheit
will unstaerblig
waerde im Laebe.

Lugdr emool saelber dass Du
das nid wirsch gueter Maa !

Capiche ?!!

Zee said...

"anonymous" Gabe -
I am not your savior, therefore I can not be perfect to your liking.
Find an other guru!

Zee said...

the island is only four by seven miles; my driving is limited to get to a job site within those parameters.
I finished restoring my sailboat - next week it will be on a mooring and the electric motor just a supplementary device to maneuver within harbors.

_z. said...

oh! Fordism again!

I thought that era was long gone...

Congrats zee on your new purchase... as long as you're happy my friend!