Thursday, May 31

War Zones

First there was a war on drugs, then that crime fight thing - later a war against poverty, followed by a war against terrorism, then a war for a Democratic Middle East - now a war against Global Warming, after the Kyoto Protocol expires (heard that today). Have I left out any "war-declarations"?
All these "wars" have something in common - they have no strategic value, there are no soldiers capable of fighting these wars, nor is there an intelligent directive to go about these issues (or enemies) in a military fashion.
So in essence, all these wars are lost battles before they even started.
Who are these stupid man an woman (besides the puppet Bush) who support and are willing to declare wars with no virtue of hope or at least success and victory?
I guess humans only learn through pain and depredation. Intelligence today is totally overrated, unless you have to fill out an insurance claim or fill in your tax forms.

So what's wrong about aiming ...

... ah, later. Will finish this post after work


Gabriel Archangel said...

I guess humans only learn through pain and depredation.
He says.
Yep Bud as long as you include
yourself or I forgot are you
- human ?

Y o u r Intelligence must be
totally overrated though -
otherwise y o u would get it !!

Wars are infotainment.
Have been since 16 years!

Bread and games for the idiots
you need to give the time of day
coz you are on their payroll
- among other things.

You didn't believe anyone
in c h a r g e took these
w a r s ever seriously.
Did you


Gabriel Archangel said...
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Zee said...

I watched Rollerball 1980 in Bergen - G A B E !!