Thursday, May 10

Es ist soweit

Just very briefly. I got my boat. She is pretty and her name is "Florina". Time for you to come out to the island and have a good time for a few days.


_z. said...

Congrats zee... and welcome Florina.

Ingrid said...

she's beautiful..I can't wait to actually 'see' her.. if only your island was closer zee..
perhaps someday...

Before Sunrise said...

That sounds so lovely... Please post some photos so we can all enjoy Florina with you :)

lindsaylobe said...

Sailing Florina

Heave –ho sail her out to sea
Wind and current, let it be
Sail her around your island sweet
Currents silent underneath

Oceans breeze is her treat
Wind and spray taste so sweet
Wind power like our own free will
Sailing Florina will be your thrill

Best wishes