Thursday, May 17


they might be rigid to the eye and touch
but stones don't care about borders and such
only humans invented division.

to clarify my position
only you and I can change stagnation
and move beyond borders and nations
the stones tell tales of old
we need to keep moving
and be bold.


Anonymous said...

wievill ? Gohts dir no ??
hör besser uuf 'dichte' !

Du bisch überhaupt numeh no duurzue,
gopferdammi - nid wohr
han i rächt,dänk!

De Geiliger sött die emool ganz dringend äs pffifli poliere dehai.
In sällem isch e immer no guet.

Segue Seoul said...

I like that.

I've been in a poetry mood, too--come visit my blog!

Long Time, No See--!

Zee said...

Thanks G!
I will come over and read your stuff.

Zee said...

Anon, your comments lack ... about anything there is, but your self pity knows no limits.
My advice, go and see a shrink. There is a little Freud on every corner in Vienna - take your pick.