Wednesday, May 2


It is actually possible to have a "tradition" in Vinalhaven. Each Tuesday we (the people of interest) gather at the Harbor Gawker and enjoy deep fried foods and or salads of sorts. Afterwards (this time only) we took a stroll down to the nature preserve on the peninsula that sticks out beside the harbor, full moon in view and all.
Of course the most exuberant people remained to be the Aussi guy and his Native Indian lover, adorable people indeed.
I like their dogs too.


Ingrid said...

Hello Zee-ster. Aussies are always good fun and a pretty sociable lot. It looks like winter has finally passed for you and this is probably a great time to be on the island. Wish I was there even just for a visit.
Nice pics. It sure looks like 'the life'!

Anonymous said...

hey zee...

love these images...your blog is always a respite for my weary soul.

Zee said...

"the life" looks always great on pictures Ingrid, but yeah - it ain't that bad :) Come by for a visit, will you?

Zee said...

What's this nonsense about "weary soul" - snap out of your funk and celebrate. Something, anything!

Anonymous said...

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