Monday, December 31

Seven Years have gone after 2000

Do you remember the craze at the millennium change? Well, seven years later we still stand. No computers gave up their "geist" then, nor did other communications collapse. At least the one of the electronic kind. Other sincere human relations in pure form have suffered since.
For the new year I wish for that those later ones will be reestablished.
Peace goes only as far as you dare to go!


Before Sunrise said...

Happy new year to you too!!

grannyfiddler said...

that picture looks like it was taken on my street this morning.

even just 7 years ago the panic was less than it would be now at the thought of the world's electronix being befuddled. sometimes it almost makes me want to move back to the bush. ....till i remember cutting and hauling and stacking and splitting all that wood to keep warm, and chopping through 3 feet of ice to get to the water in the creek.

wishing you all good things in the new year.

AM said...

And happy new year to you too :)

I cannot stop being amazed at the pics you take.

Zee said...

Thanks Sunrise!
I beg you pardon Grannyfiddler, that was my own driveway ... and not your street.
My son is living the way of your description, wood fire, water containers and all ... maybe you should visit him.
Dear AM -
It is going to be a good year - promise!

Zee said...

Thanks by the way for the compliments about the pictures AM!

Cinderella. said...

The picture was just perfect...for the season and for our hearts thats world is turning it into.
Cold and frozen...
Butt, we will still pray for goodness.
I shall meanwhile pray for peace.
Have a healthy new year.

Zee said...

will be great!

Cynnie said...

what is that white stuff?

08 is going to be fabulous!!

Zee said...

Cynnie, that white stuff is 4734 bottles of whipped cream, spread all over.

Segue Seoul said...

Happy New Year!
we had this very same apocolypse conversation in 2000. wasn't everyone? seems so very long ago. living in one of the most populated metro areas in the world

means one is never self-sufficient, and one rarely sees real snow, and rarely really sees snow. ^ ^

nevertheless life life life!