Wednesday, September 17

1,000,000,000 = is only one billion

So the Federal Reserve of NY bailed out an insurance company for $85,000,000,000 to prevent the collapse of global financial gibberish. Yet an other band-aid?
Yo, government you - give me a break - and give me an eighty-five Dollar check instead. Don't need them billions. I will spend it on a nice dinner and tip the waitress or waiter afterward a 40% gratuity ...if they do their job pleasantly, all right? Now that is what I would call supporting the economy.

Who want's to be next, going down the meat-grinder of economic greed and then be rescued by me and us?

Come on, be faithful, let us make a list. Put your company on this page right here. I swear, you will get some kind of support, and I believe your company deserves it, because it is already doomed to failure in the current market situation. And you know it.
So good luck then. Place your company on "Le List". (not to be confused with craigs-list).
We will see what we can do for you!

(and then some commentators say that I am cynical and negative - but I am just saying how it is. I have no time to put on make-up, yeah - that's what it is, no make-up today)


Seraphine said...

ouch. nobody else would loan to aig because, supposedly, they didn't have $85 billion of net worth left.
i hope the us government isn't squandering good money after bad, as aig did.
maybe we can go hat-in-hand to china for a bailout?

Zee said...

What - ?
become street musicians and performers to bail out the sharks while passing the hat around? That's a new one to me - and unheard of...

susan said...

At least bankruptcy court has rules of procedure. This has let them go to the back rooms where they can pay off the owners of junk bonds yet nobody gets help with the mortgage..

Zee said...

PG-17 warning, this is going to be a very rude comment, parental guidance for children under 17 is advised due to foul language!

OK, so sometimes I borrow money, because I either have to - or when I am a greedy bastard, and just want to spend it on some cheap thrills, to satisfy the soul with some material goods. It happens, it happens to all of us.
But down the road I pay my debts back, sometimes with interest, sometimes not. In any case, I get even, no matter what. Those of you who gave me assets, are being reimbursed, I see to that.

Now what puzzles me is, why the fuck do I have to chip in for other greedy people who can't estimate their own assets or their cash flow and bail them out?
I heard on the news today that the combined price tag the government payed for all these faltering institutions in the US during the last two months is adding up to be close to a trillion Dollars. That is a shit-load of money!
I can't even imagine how hard the printing press is working to make up for all this, the press that prints dollars that come from nowhere.
This countries administration has gone insane, fucked the common person, screwed smaller businesses and continues to feed the "sharks".
It is utterly disgusting that self interest has arisen to such a level.
I almost believed one day that the US is the longest so called existing Democracy. I was proven wrong. This country is run by a bunch of self-centered lunatics, greedy to the rim, smashing the little guy in the dirt wherever they can, fucking us all over with the help of scumbags like FOX TV who help to indoctrinate the message of a "incestuous salvation."

You know, I do understand the logic of the government who bailed out IAG for 85 billion dollars. I get it. The collateral damage for all of us would have been worse if they hadn't done so.
But is that a good excuse, just to make the appearance that therefore the economy is still stays viable?
I would say, let them drown. Let them suffocate on their schemes of greed. We, the people - don't need no stinking government to bail out speculators and losers. Instead we need to stay upright and await a new dawn that is not only manufactured by greed.
Death to the sharks, not in the ocean but on land, where they don't belong to!