Friday, September 12

Emily Loizeau : Je suis jalouse (I am jealous!)

Just randomly stumbled across this French musician. The melody is kind of cute, a broken up waltz, using 3/4 and 2/2 beats in alternating patterns. But what facinated me the most, is the whole fantasy-land in the accompanying movie. I think it's worth a watch. Jealousy is a powerful emotion!
Would you shoot your mister or mistress into orbital space when your companion is at risk of loosing it?

Un univers assez barré, pour ne pas dire décalé avec les paroles. A voir absolument !

In other news today, hurricane "Ike". But on that topic, you can follow the news by your very self.


Before Sunrise said...

I liked the video... interesting. Yes, jealousy is a powerful emotion, it can make people do the craziest things! Even kill!!!!

susan said...

Il vient habituellement comme surprise et pendant des moments de faiblesse émotive.. la terre très dangereuse.

Very nice video, Zee.

Zee said...

All I know about jealousy is pain, numbing pain, like a drug that doesn't quite work - Before Sunrise!
(no pun intended!!!)

Zee said...

Wait, wait - my French is so out of date and rusty Susan.
Did you intent to say, that jealousy comes when you least expect it - depending on what, "fabilesse"? What in all earth is fabilesse - the finest???
So in other words, jealousy can arise at surprising moments even amongst the finest on this dangerous world?
My French is weak to about non existent these days.
Pardon moi!

Bettina said...

Nice little video clip, I like it. I think we all know jealousy to a certain extent- but it it dangerous to let it consume us. We need to trust that if something is not meant to be with us, we cannot hold it back no matter what. And whatever is meant to be with us will be with us.