Monday, September 8


I have to take a deep breath, ranting about those politics makes no sense in the long run and it gets tiresome after a while. Nothing will change anyway through speaking up on blogs... Why not then take that hat off and play some music instead?
There are songs "brewing" in my head for quite a while. Better get them out while I still can. I would encourage everybody else to do the same, even if it is singing in the shower! (That reminds me, have to get to my client and fix up HIS bathroom PRONTO!)
OK, I will run. But I just wanted to say, music is the bridge to a better world, aim for it, listen to a local concert, support the ones who are striving to perform. Without music, the world would be a silent space, cluttered by chatter.


nova-san said...

Amen to that, Zee.

Here's to more music, melodious spaces and less cluttery chatter... oh, and to fixed bathrooms!

Zee said...

bathrooms ... oh no, horror! (just kidding Nova - sort of).
Music: Yes,yes, yes!

Seraphine said...

or hum. i like to hum.
it makes a nice placeholder
for silence.

Seraphine said...

awww. i don't mean to "be mean" to you zee.
pinch. pinch.
see, that brings you luck
and a warm glow.

Zee said...

Oh, Sera - it is raining like hell here. Need to put a few more nails into the ark, fasten some more boards ... just in case. (where have the animals gone?)
A warm glow can only help in that process - thanks!!!

susan said...

Oh, what a beautiful morning.
Oh, what a beautiful day.
I've got a wonderful feeling
Everything's going my way!

Now I feel much better and I hope you do too.

Gary said...


Zee said...

Amen translated to German means: So soll es sein - English: So shall it be.
I must agree... :)

Seraphine said...

another german saying:
gesundheit ist besser als krankheit.
it's better to be blessed than to be sick.

Zee said...

Blessed Sera? I thought "Gesundheit" means health.
You are indeed a funny person, never lacks to astound me.

When someone sneezes in the Anglo/Saxon sphere, some people say: "Bless you!" I don't know really why they come up with this one.
In the German speaking world you say: "Gesundheit" (to your health). Seems that is more logical. But what do I know.
Lachaiam! Zee.