Sunday, September 14

an unusual wedding

This is interesting. There is a Jewish woman with liberal views and more conservative parents, and then a Pagan man (with a dusting of Christianity). After years of successfully living together, they decided to marry. What to do next?
Well, they sat down and wrote their own script, their own marriage ceremony. A combination of free spirited gestures and traditional customs. All in all it was a fruitful combination, persuasive and beautiful to show the way of how to build bridges beyond denomination and faith. The spiritual bond, once recognized, reaches far. Much further than any physical alignment ever can achieve.
For both of their future, I wish them all the blessings that are available.
Soon I will fly to Europe for an other wedding. That will be a different story, a tale that entwines with my own personal past.


AM said...

:) I like.

Before Sunrise said...

Look forward to hearing about the second wedding.

This one sounds like it was quite touching and wonderful. A ceremony created by the couple, the way it should be (in my opinion).

Seraphine said...

aww. i like stories like that, and wish the couple all happiness. it sounds like two free spirits have found each other.

lindsaylobe said...

Often marriages of different beliefs or cultures are beset with difficulties, but this union already promises harmony and sharing.

Nice story.

Best wishes

Zee said...

Thanks for all your comments!
I believe this couple will make it. Despite their obvious differences. They had plenty of time to figure and test it out beforehand.
So now the ribbon has a knot - what am I saying, now the tie is official.
Jees, sometimes I just don't get it straight. Pardon me.

Seraphine said...

then i wonder what conservative parents think of the pegan groom. i bet there are some interesting dinner-time discussions between them. hopefully with lots of wine.

Zee said...

Haha, I wasn't there to witness that one Sera.