Thursday, September 4

the impossibility of Republicans

Palin = Paine. Don't want to go there really. But she is a fucking bitch in my book. Don't you teach your children to have condoms around when necessary? Well, I hadn't to do the verbal lingo with my daughter and neither with my son - they knew what was going on, the butterflies and the bees and all.
So, Palin is just a typical American cheerleader to me, and alas, her legs are not sexy anymore and her costume inappropriate for such a job. Vice president??? I hope she knows how to give CPR to an aging veteran. What does she know about Obama, she never met him personally!
Oh yes, I was not going to rant about her, I am wasting my space. Sorry, I forgot. The old newspaper on the picture is sort of interesting. Three cents a copy, can you imagine? The issue was printed in 1901, yes nineteen hundred and one. But the sunflower-head on it, with all the mature seeds, is from 2008 from my garden, a hundred and seven years later..
What is the "morale" of this story? Truthfully nothing. I just hope and pray that human seeds will survive beyond the incubation into 17 year old daughters.
Perhaps there is a sunflower in all of us!


Seraphine said...

harsh zee.
the sex life of kids has always evolved separately from parental control. teens just do silly things. you can't beat them up for poor emotional response or bad decision making unless they kill someone or something.
i like palin. she's different. too bad she's a gun-toting pro-lifer.

Before Sunrise said...

I love sunflowers... I hope there is one in me :)

nova-san said...

Zee, why do you always sound so angry?

Palin had no real control over her daughter's sex life anymore than Chelsea had control over Bill's...

Personally, I'm glad McCain chose Palin. He pretty much hung the Republican Party when he did that. I think it will pave an easier course for Obama.

Zee said...

OK Sera, you might like Palin, I might like her as well, but not as Vice President of the United States. What is fit for the Alaskan tundras, might not be a good choice for the whole country.
Harsh about teenage sex-life Sera, they do whatever they want anyway? That is not completely true. They, even the most rebellious ones, carry the light of the torch that shined upon them from their upbringing.
Now to be married with 17, give me a break. The poor girl hardly has seen the world, How can she know what her true love will be - later, after the inevitable divorce?
Why force her into marriage anyway. Is that some kind of Repub-pro-life etiquette?
Our great Muslim friends do a better job with this. They marry them away a few years younger...
No, shoot her back to Alaska where she belongs. Perhaps she can be an adequate help in raising her five kids.

Zee said...

Sunflowers are precious, Before Sunrise. I know you have the sun (and the seed) in you. I know that as a fact.

Zee said...

Do I really sound "angry" that often?
With all due respect, I do try to shuffle some mellow posts in there. But maybe it is not enough...
As for your comparison with Chelsea, Bill, Palin and her daughter - that's a bit far fetched. The daughter's task is not to watch over daddy's dick, but maybe the father can influence the daughter not to get pregnant prematurely. That's all.
As for your prediction. I don't know. I'll believe it when I see it.

Bettina said...

In general, I don't think that it is quite right to soley blame parents for every wrong turn their children take. I personally know some examples of parents who are very loving, caring and smart and did all they could to raise their children properly, but yet they have a child who got into drugs or got pregnant young, or has a tendency to violence. The same parents might have brought up another child exactely the same way and the other child ended up not being troubled at all. The world is a challenging place to raise children in. It would be too easy to say that this hadn't happened if only the parents had done a better job.

In this particular case, however, I do think that Palin is a hypocrite who's got it all wrong. How could you be so stupidly ignorant as to be against contraception? I just read in an article the other day that under Republican presidents who preach abstinence instead of contraception, teenage pregnancies always tend to increase, while under democratic presidents, they decrease again.

Ingrid said...

hoo..scary thing the sex lives of kids..we're getting there with our oldest. He knows about the practical, biology type book scenario..but all the other, subtle stuff we'll need to have regular 'sit downs' for that. Actually, James is going to take him out one night a week (daddy and dirk time) for just doing something together. Perfect time to talk about 'stuff' (any really)..

as for Palin, I cannot stomach her and i haven't wasted any space on her. Btw..the downsyndrome baby..supposedly her daughter's and not hers. (check Daily Kos)even if it is hers, for the party with family values, it's appalling that they don't care that when you have a special needs kid, you really do not have much time to fool around with anything else. The younger years are very much tasking..
ironically, the women she dismisses are the same ones who trailblazed her path into politics for her..
ok..enough 'palin' talk in the morning, I'm still eating breakfast!



Zee said...

In case you haven't heard, a small town in Massachusetts experienced a pregnancy boom recently. But the news is not happy news. According to a Time magazine article, the pregnancy boom is the result of a pact among at least 17 girls at Gloucester High, all under the age of 16.

These young girls all wanted someone to love them unconditionally and agreed to get pregnant at the same time and raise their children together. So what does this story have to do with gifted kids?

Many gifted girls "dumb down" in order to fit in. No, getting pregnant is not part of dumbing down, although many people would say it's dumb for a teen to get pregnant on purpose. When gifted girls dumb down, they will pretend not to understand material, stop studying, purposely get poor grades, and focus on anything but academics. That means they could easily come up with a plan for their lives that does not include education or any kind of intellectual endeavor.

Another part of the problem is feeling unloved. The Gloucester teens claimed that one reason they wanted to get pregnant was that they thought a baby would love them unconditionally. This is a serious problem and really hits home for many gifted children, not just the girls. Gifted children tend to be highly sensitive, so it's important for parents to make their children feel not simply loved, but liked. When parents don't approve of who their children are, the children may feel unloved, even when the parents truly love their children.

Gary said...

Don't hold back man!

Yeah, a gun-toting, condom-hating, oil-drilling, never-traveled hockey mom. GOod presidential material in the land of the free.

I do think she exudes confidence and is a good natural orator. Also, she can skin her own moose and not many women will do that. So it's not all black and white, right Zee? :)

Zee said...

Not all is black and white Gary, you are right!
There is a lot of gray in-between.
The urgency of circumstances gives me no choice - contrast is better than pastel coloring.
Have you ever eaten moose or elk?
I haven't. Maybe someday I will.