Friday, September 12

9/11 back flash

It is strange, it soon will be a decade ago, but the memory is crystal clear, like yesterday.
I was working on a roof putting down cedar shingles, dangerous grunt work. But it was a crisp, sunny and beautiful September day seven years ago. So the mood was all right. Our crew was placed in a little town to renovate a lucrative house in Monterey, western Massachusetts. It was a good crew. Everybody knew each other well, everybody was respectful. Most of us had went through Waldorf Education, so there was an additional bond.
Arthur had his radio on NPR downstairs. We could hear nothing on the roof of course. So he came running up outside around 9:something AM and screamed: "A plain hit one of the towers of the world trade center."
We stared at him in total disbelief. Some of us wanted to hook up the TV of this rich mans house to follow the "action." In the end we didn't do so, and continued as brave workers, undisturbed by events. Though at lunch break, after the second plane hit, our mood was more than just somber. We knew that this event would change history.
It was a pristine September day, that year of 2001!
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nova-san said...

I've posted my own memories of that day on my site.

Thanks for sharing yours.

Mirvat said...

i did :)

Zee said...

All right Nova-San and Mirvat. I went to your blogs and read everything. Just so you know...
Be well!

AM said...

I'll put my 2 cents here - was working in dubai at that time, in a hotel, one of the most luxurious ones. On the offices floor, i heard about the first tower, silly me, i thought they were talking about the trade center of dubai, yes we do have one here too. it wasn't until i heard of the second crash that i realized it cannot be dubai's trade center, we only have one. walked a bit towards the end to see the entire management watching the news at the GM's office. shocked, puzzled, we directly knew what's coming next. geographically located in the Arabic gulf, you don't have to be a genius to guess it. faxes, emails were coming for the following days cancelling reservations and we were suddenly almost vacant. it happened in nyc but in one way or another, the world paid for it too, maybe not in lives but paid nevertheless, some companies let people go, our company just sent us on vacations, unpaid for some, but at least we were back as soon as the world realized that dubai is still a safe place to be, it took some time though.
yeah not so dramatic as your pieces but different in a way, an outlook from another continent.

Seraphine said...

On the west coast, everything started early in the morning. i was about to leave for work, then i called and told them to turn on the television. i didn't go to work that day. everyone already in the office went home.