Thursday, September 18

no break quite yet

I listened to the BBC in the wee hours of the morning. Besides of all the financial stuff happening around the globe, there was a "funny" report about text-messaging. It basically stated, that text-messaging is more devastating and lethal to people all around, than driving under the influence of alcohol or being pumped up with drugs behind the wheel. I guess they concluded some kind of statistics or study about this.
Just the other day two trains collided in the US, some deaths and fatalities included. They blamed the captain of the freight-train, as he was supposedly messaging and therefore overlooked the red light.

Second story. I got a spam e-mail today, advertising a year of free diapers. Aren't those made out of cotton? Perhaps I could use them for kindling once the weather turns cold. I am amazed what people come up with: Free diapers for a year? Hell, I wonder how they found out that my bladder was weak - beats me!

(... the baby looks kind off chubby to me)


Seraphine said...

very creepy, text message to start your blog this morning. it's like suddenly seeing the devil standing besides you, pitchfork and all. he touches your shoulder, and your blood runs cold...

Zee said...

...creepy, creepy, creepy Sera! Wasn't my text message though, I can assure you that. I actually don't do text messaging at all.

PG said...

the baby is not halfway chubby!!!!!! it needs a few more kgs so it can roll around on the floor. the squishier the better :)

Zee said...

The baby PG?
Squishy - uh, a snuggle round meat ball then? - uncooked of course.
Oh, I don't want to be mean - I like them little ones lean... Less heart disease later.
As for the diapers, the cotton - I came up with an other scenario: Insulation!