Tuesday, September 16

"My Friends"

John McCain's "friends" are lobbyists for oil companies.

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One further thought. There was a man in Minneapolis a few years back who bought a new truck. He immediately noticed that he was getting better gas mileage than the vehicle was supposed to get. When he took it to the dealership for regular maintenance, he mentioned how good the gas mileage was. The dealership checked, and found out that the truck was made to be sold in Europe, not the U.S. They contacted the manufacturer, who then contacted him. They offered him a variety of great choices of vehicles so they could claim back this vehicle. He refused, stating that he was happy and had no intention of giving up the truck. Soon thereafter, his truck was stolen from his place of business where he worked. Was that a coincidence?
Why is it, if they have the technology to improve gas mileage for European vehicles, they don't do it for American sold cars? A conspiracy? (Hush, that's a bad word, worse than "fuck you").

I have added acetone (one ounce per 10 gallons) to my truck at the last fuel-up. I can't of course at this point scientifically say if it improved gas millage. Got to wait for that for a little while. But I did notice, that the engine starts up happier and is much more quiet - and there seems to be more torque. In other words, I don't need to shift from fourth gear to third on places where I traditionally would have to do so.

Happy "oil" day! (Use lavender oil instead, it has a very soothing and calming effect, and has super great mileage on the ones you love!) ...don't be shy, use your hands. We are all brothers and sisters - did you know that?!

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