Wednesday, March 4

traveling sculpture class

All right then, here is an counter idea and also a response to the worn-out educational system, may it be "private" or state endorsed.
Two years ago I was still able to attract 12 students to pay $500 Dollars to attend a seminar for a week, excluding food and overnight stay. That was extra at the College I taught.
Yes, why don't we shift the gears around and drop the cozy cushion that colleges can provide. What if I would offer instead a $300 Dollar a week course and people can congregate and learn from each other without institutional limitations. Now, this thing would be set up like this:

1. Create a changing environment, different locations
2. Start with just a one or a two week course during the summer in 2009/2010
3. Make the "location" the theme
4. For practical purposes, it could be in Vinalhaven, Maine - for stone carving. My own studio for woodcarving, Amherst Massachusetts for clay-modeling and painting, and so on... There are even possibilities on the West Coast, or even in Europe. Dream it up, and I will consider all possible avenues.

The grand plan is to create a "traveling-school" that is affordable, unique and sensitive to its physical location, may it be urban, country, island ... or whatever else. I am grateful for your feedback, post your suggestions.


Anonymous said...

Oh, I like that idea. Combine your learning with travel. Sounds like heaven to me. Where do I sign?

lindsaylobe said...

Hi Zee
I hope your idea of an artist’s community really takes off.
My suggestion is to advertise at a prearranged little concert and or exhibition with an illustrative workshops and provide sheet of paper for ‘expressions of interest’in each intended place.
I guess you would already be planning something like that but I would think local advertising and word of mouth are helpful as is patience.

My suggestion would be to split your service into an introductory day one course – payable up front with the option to take the weekly or fortnightly later full course, since in that way you entice applicants to ‘taste and see,’ hopefully becoming more committed from the first fruitful bond and relationship which they will wish to continue.

On the first day be careful to have more sizzle than sausage if you know what I mean.

I love your idea of a grand plan is to create a "traveling-school" that is affordable, unique and sensitive to its physical location, whether it be urban, country, island ... or whatever else.

I am sure you will succeed but I think you will need to be patient.

Best wishes

_z. said...

great idea zee. I wish you all the luck!

in the days of my great grandfather, schools were held under a big oak tree. It was very simple. Find the biggest oak tree in the village, and hold teachings under it.

maybe you can have something like that. It would be an environmental statement as well. Find a certain feature in the landscape, use it as a landmark for your ambulant studio, and work your art around it.
also can be mixed with land art.

Zee said...

I will let you know as soon as I have formulated the first steps!

Your thoughts always seem to look at the bright side, therefore very helpful.
Patience is the key, I agree.

I like your "oak-tree image" and your thoughts of inclusion about "land-art". We'll see what will eventually evolve.
How is your architectural designing coming along?

Seraphine said...

grape idea!
i love going to photography workshops.
maine would be great for that.
it isn't the cost of the course though that's spendy. the airfare and lodging and time from work.
but it sounds like fun.
dream it, do it, zee.