Friday, March 13


Bettina started this folly and then Sera followed suit. Now it's my turn.
Use a random pic from Flicker as image - a random entry from Wikipedia as band name - a random quote as title, paste it all together.
And voila, you get yourself a CD cover. All that is now missing are the songs ... we'll work on that! the "get together" with Bernd was actually fun, revived some old songs where the lyrics were half lost; what a dilemma - improvise!
Oh, "uppland county" is the area north of Stockholm, now called Uppsala. Can't remember what "all his friends hate him" quote was all about in the random quote search. Despite Sera's cheers, who's CD cover design was actually great, I still am discontent with mine. I guess this is true designer desease, a virus out of control. So I will go back to the "drawing-board" and update that sleeve, just give me a minute...


Seraphine said...

you got it right.
the best album covers are simple.
i tried too hard with mine and it was awful. yours is great! i love the irony... the loyal dog whose friends hate him. good, zee, good.
now all you have to do is link your cover to your podcasts.
voila. your own album cover and content!

Anonymous said...

Well, yours comes with the music too! Very cool. I love the blue and the photo and the title. It makes you wanna hear the album to find out what its all about.
He is too cute to have his friends hate him though.

Zee said...

Stop it Sera,
your design was good. Did someone beat you over the head lately and your therefore lost all confidence?

Gräddelina said...

Din röst gör mig svag i knävecken ;-)

Zee said...

Agge - as always, a work in progress.
No, nobody hates the "bed-mat-dog", it just happened to be the random addition to a spoof.

Zee said...

Who the hell are you Gräddelina?
My voice makes you weak in your ... what ... ankles???
That's funny.
I like that.

Linda McGeary said...

Thanks, Zee, I'm printing out both yours and Dave's tips so I can go back to them as needed. I did manage to get a picture posted on my poetry blog.
Now to tackle the big job.
I play the Native American flute and have recorded some of my own songs, so I'll try to get one of them posted one of these days.
Thanks so much for your help.
Hope all is well with you.
Is that you? Singing and playing?

Seraphine said...

yep, exactly what is happening.