Friday, March 20


I am always amazed and startled when I see posts or signs like this, like this one planted at the ferry-terminal in Vinalhaven Maine. We can do things, then we can't. We can move forward but first have to take steps backward before moving on. We create music, and only then we learn to listen. We aim for "green-solutions" - but toxins will forever haunt us, nevertheless - solutions come, solutions fade. We have a chance today. Smoke is not the way I'll say, no cigarettes, nor SUV's, not even the unregulated factories. No aftershave on a bald shaven chin, no wasted fried oil from old "Burger King".
"Old MacDonald had a farm - hiah, hiha hoohh". And on this farm were piglets new, hiah, hiah how...
And oh my Lord, one of them, one of them is you...
So what are you gonna do, just stand by, push the pause button on the remote?

What we need to emote, is more enthusiasm for creative solutions today. Participation highly recommended. You think my liturgy is a blobbing blab of nonsense. Fair enough, your hesitation to respond is understandable. But do you really care?
SMOKE is not the evaporating puff of a cigarette when standing on a forlorn corner anymore, smoke is the demon in your head because you don't know where to go in the first place.
It was never physical yesterday, it became metaphysical nowadays!
The pollution of our planet is not due to smokers, but instead fostered, executed and delivered by the greed of leeches such as bankers, lawyers and insurance folks. Those are the true culprits of "smoking" our assets away, while the politicians smile and support their ways.
I find this depressing - where is my medication?
Perhaps I'll have a cigarette...


Anonymous said...

I'll drink to that.

lindsaylobe said...

Hi Zee
I think we have lost our zest for life with more concern for material acquisitions than in looking after one another in communities.

In early May I am off to Malawi which only has a per capita income of $250.

It will be interesting to hear the many stories of ordinary people and experience the warm heart of Africa- to gauge also the general level of happiness.

Best wishes

susan said...

A general rule of thumb in America has always been to deliberately marginalize individuals into various categories.. racial, poor, sexual etc. It's still called divide and conquer.

I prefer to go on ignoring the status quo and finding my way to happiness. Sometimes I'll stop for a smoke along the way.