Sunday, March 8

UV light rising

We "spring" forward each year, for about an hour
it just happened to be so yesterday night
and on my flight to see more light
I am confused by the change
a gray bureaucrat pushed into place.

Time is determined by the sun, a real revelation
the equinox of spring and fall, nature's breath
so who are we to make the call of change
and switch the blades of time
just for the fun to screw up our own mind.

The political arena is a Zoo, includes Obama too
no one has a clue what to do, and you just faint
by the imagery of collapsing ailing coasters
all the card houses that were temporary,
never ment to withstand Katrina's storm or a saint.

Well spring is near, and times do change by the hour
instead of forwarding my watch, compromising such
I will take that time that does remain
by planting a garden, sowing seeds
and after that, I do not aspire much,
we'll just have to wait an see what actually will happen
and then reverse our thinking, depending on our needs.
the pictures: snow is melting, spring is around the corner, the neglected silo and the neglected chair cry for something, maybe "spring rejuvenation"


Bettina said...

Love the poem and love the big photo with the empty chair. I hope inspiration will continue to "spring" into your mind... and that the garden you sow will grow into a jungle of creativity.

Sue said...

I'm ready for my garden too. This spring, I'm going to try heirloom seeds.

LOVE the silo and chair, but especially the silo.

jozien said...

Yes, i like that picture with the chair. It all is kind of waiting for something to happen....I wonder what.

Anonymous said...

They do so look like they are waiting in a great hope of something ... and spring always does come and finally chases away the winter. Light always comes after the darkness.

Seraphine said...

dear wandering bohemian slash poet,
there is so little we can control, so why not time? it's a man-made construct anyway, this concept of breaking a day down into component parts of seconds, minutes and hours. the illusion of having an "extra" hour during summer evenings is worth all the clocks in the world. soon, with any achievement, we may be able to personalize time, so that every day is beautiful summer, and night only happens when we sleep. won't that be grand?

gfid said...

as Seraphine says about time, "it's a man-made construct anyway". so what difference does it make, really? unless your life is built on a clock, sunrise is still sunrise, midday still midday, sunset still beautiful to bring everyone with a soul to pause, just long enough to absorb it. i had a great 'grow op' that i've given away with the pending move. shelves with grow lights and heat pads etc. i'm going to miss the bedding plants this spring... i used to start the tomatos on St Patrick's day. but it's still -25 C here, with 4 feet of snow, so it all seems unreal just now.

Steve Emery said...

Great combination of images, verbal and photo. That hairy looking silo is surreal.

Zee said...

"Jungle of creativity" - I like that, Bettina!

Sue deep inside of me I knew, that you were a silo fan and could care less about chairs. The Jungian answer would be ... no, not here:)

Jozien During winter the chair was periodically moved to different locations on my road. It is actually a mystical chair!

A good dose of hope is what we need these days, Aggie

Sera, your comment was poetic by itself; and the "sincerely yours" made me blush.

Granny Fiddler, keep the music flowing! The thing that I despise about changing time twice a year, is that I am involuntary jolted around to adopt some irrational concept that changing clocks will save some daylight in the age of nuclear energies.
Save daylight? There is no such thing. It is what it is, no matter what you name it or how you read the dial.

Zee said...

Thanks Steve Emery, there is an unspoken melancholia about the silo, an image of tales and productivity of the past, something that was overgrown by the quick paced times of nowadays.

Seraphine said...

i'm sure steve mentioned "hair" in connection with the silo.
is that implied comparison a simile or a metaphor?

Seraphine said...

ah, yes. I remember now from literature class.
it's not a simile.
it's a stereotype.

Linda McGeary said...

I am not a technovanced person, how do you get pictures or a song onto your blog?
Where do I go to learn these things? Or can you give me some brief, clear instructions to fellow.
I would really appreciate it.

advertisno said...

your pictures make an impression on me...the first I think look like an blood orange they are WOW...the poem cant leave anyone untouched. Yes now are the time to saw and use every creativity we can find so the living on earth can move forward.

Love Fancy