Monday, March 16

So vomit then

Stop looking at my repulsive graphics
my maps and charts - from where the world is ruled
it means little, since we all have become acquainted and still seem to know little at all
the fall is not the gesture but the pinch, the last little twitch that kills the head of a tick
maybe that is the rescue, the remedy - it could be seen that way
that we eliminate the itch by twisting heads, some might snap
what's all about that, persuasion was never gentle, so breathe
and find little issues that bridge the gap, you know - that gap.


Anonymous said...

Vomit and pulling heads off ticks? Well, it's one solution I suppose. Lol!

Zee said...

I'm back from the island, recouped my soul. Next post will not have the twitch of twisting heads or puke ... I'll promise Aggie!