Friday, March 6

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Nato ministers agree to resume formal ties with Russia, with a call to tackle the challenge of Afghanistan. (BBC news)

This is ironic, "tackle Afghanistan" - what a blast. Didn't the ten year USSR occupation trigger the sponsorship of the Mujaheddin by the US (aka the freedom fighters with the name Osama Bin Laden attached to it?) And now the Brits (oh yeah Nato) wish to regain territory, all the precious poppy-fields, the narcotics, the borders they had clustered in that region during the 1800's, trying then to establish capitoned countries of some kind which would come to haunt them now, more than two hundred years later?
If I would be doped with soccer, the Liverpool legends, the crying fields of the common man, the dose they drug you with to be silenced, the poppies that never bloomed in England... I'll be darned to have to carry that inheritance.

Two airlines in South Korea are to re-route flights after North Korea said it could no longer guarantee their safety.The North's threat follows its warnings that a US-South Korean military exercise due to take place next week, could trigger a military clash. (also BBC)

So what's the issue? After Iraq, the South Korean peninsula has the largest deployment of US troops abroad. If they do want to do exercise some funky military actions there, don't be surprised that the North Korean regime starts to be ancy.


Seraphine said...

formal ties are rather quaint. rather like the bowtie. or sock garters.

i'm surprised there are any afghans left. aren't there all foreign fighters now?
maybe the thing to do is promote afghanistan to tourists as a premier paintball destination.

north korea reminds me of a bully that just wants attention. with nuclear weapons. all the country needs is lots of hugs. but um... i don't want to do the hugging.

Anonymous said...

Ah well, 'tis a mad world and a very unstable one at the moment. We all live in hope.

Celloman said...

For some reason, I love that photo!