Tuesday, November 1

So, what are we going to talk about?

The Security Council demands that Syria co-operate fully with the UN probe into the killing of Rafik Hariri. What a scam. The US will not even communicate with Syria about the issue, like asking: "What do you guys have to say!" Is good old Diplomacy dead? In the mean time Bush appointed a nominee to the supreme-court who is as "right-wing" as it gets. I suppose with a lower than 39% approval rating Bush finds himself driven into a corner and will try to appeal to his conservative constituency because those people are the only ones he has left. Well "good luck Bush" - I have the gut feeling your days are numbered. The stakes were too high, the game too shallow. You have served us as a smiling dumb puppy for the masterminds of your administration (your advisors) who now are being charged of miss-doings. Well there you go. Suck it up and go back to the country they call Texas and have daddy give you an other chance to manage an oil-based company which you will ultimately fail successfully to run and drive it into ruin as you did with the previous ones that were placed into your lap. Sorry, have nothing positive to report tonight. Except that the weather was gorgeous for a change, the foliage awesomely beautiful and that my work day was pleasant. Well, there you go - that's something - no?

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