Saturday, November 5

Rap Ass for Pete

the de-vilest night in Natick
where leaves are falling down
and October skies are screaming
snow will be around
give me a break, or give me a steak
or something good your baby has.

Rap in very free rendering:
What you gonna be ... blah, blah, blah ... and so on.

Do you understand who's in command?

The movement of the fainting heart
will not brake us apart
but the president of the United States
is the person I blame for our countries mistakes
he beats around the bush everyday
and if we are about here to stay
we got to get rid of him the very next day.

Do you understand who's in command, do you?

Got to be good, got to be brave
otherwise you open up your own grave
things may fall, things may fly
but we can not have more people to die
for a cause that is truly insane
and it is the leadership we have to blame
in the mean time we will pick up
all our things and the reis
and pray for mercy and for peace
and know that the time has come
where people wake up and can be as one.

I have a new version of that session/song but I still haven't figured out how to compress it to a reasonable size (less than 35 megs) otherwise I would have posted a wave or mpg3 file or something of that nature here.
PS Whoever wishes to receive a CD of this song and all the other ongoing projects, just let me know. Next weekend will be an other "music-weekend" on the island of Vinal Haven in Maine. 25 people or so, will be fun and I will record what will be going on. I even convinced Walli to come along. That's sort of a miracle... she is usually shy for taking part in these kinds of spontaneous events.
Anyhow, we are working on a PETE LUKE ZAY CD, a collaboration, and it it will be available at some point...

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