Thursday, November 3

working for money

The wind is blowing like crazy. But the temperature is relatively warm (60F , 18 or so Celsius). I have to pay bills, it's a sad story but I think I am "behind" - so therefore I need to get some cash at hand. Working for the neighbor to do his siding is easy. I just have to walk up the hill and get my gear working - the compressor, the air-gun and all that stuff. The most difficult thing is to maintain strait lines with cedar shakes siding, especially on the corners. Well, I will try my best!
Soon I will get back to my stone though, it's almost finished.


engemi said...

Hi Zee
came to visit your impresive blog; i rejoice in the spirit gleening through the paintings, stones, words, photos etc that you embrace.
Just wanted to tell you of a method to get those edges straight when you work with shingles; you take a "straight edge" as long as the wall your woring on - or more than one if the wall is too long - and position it on the first row of shingles, exactly where you want the edge to be. Once you've finished attatching the shingles, you take the "straight edge" away and position it on the now straight row of shingles; though i must say, you seem to have it well in hand without the "edge"

Anonymous said...

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